Thanos Was Right Tee

Americans helped Mexico get rid of the French by the end of the intervention , if anything the US flag should be worn with pride on cinco de mayo. Hey guys I guess you all are suffering from short term memory loss this DID happen in a CA high school not too long ago some white teenagers wore American flag tshirts which angered some Mexican students celebrating cinco de mayo & the white kids were sent the principals office & then home to avoid another confrontation. The incident happened in 2010 at live oak HS in morgan hill CA and since that time the ninth circuit court ruled in 2014 that teenager can NOT wear an American flag tshirt on Cinco de mayo as it will aggravate Mexicans “on their holiday”.

Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top And SweaterRandall thats exaggerated. ..theirs plenty of white uppity towns Westwood Bel Aire Newport for the most part Mexicans are well integrated with the White people Pasadena Whittier Glendora San Dimas La Verne Burbank ….cmon down, have a cold one doesnt have to be Corona either we can do Belgian. Oh Jorgie get over it there st paddys day black history month chinese new yr lighten up so stuffy enjoy the fresh air its a good day bottems up an shugalugg. Steven when your daughter grows up she might be witha zesty Mexican so pump your brakes chillax take a chill pill theirs plenty of other things to worry about. And I’m pretty sure on any one of those holidays you just mentioned I can wear an American flag tshirt without fear of reprisal… It’s stupid I’ll tell you why. I was born and raised in Mexico and Cinco de Mayo it’s not a holiday we do not celebrate it nor do we make a festivity out of it so it’s pointless that they do not let anyone wear American flags shirts since it’s not an important holiday (it is NOT a holiday). Michael Garcia you need to concentrate more on being just an American rather than a Hispanic Texan’.  Not true, cant wear a shirt with an american flag in califas! Never heard of that for any holiday. Ignacio Zaragoza was a good man (The General in Charge of Mexican troops at the Battle of Puebla). He was a hero who loved his country more than himself. He died of Typhoid Fever not long after the battle. He was known for being just and upright and not a man driven by corruption. If he had lived it is likely France would not have conquered or would have had a much harder time conquering Mexico.

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