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“”May the 4th be with you”. – Virgins.” – poor soul that still thinks he’s cool for trying to pick on Star Wars fans. Its not may the 5th, its not may the 3rd. Its may the 4th. May the force be with u.
Yeah yeah this face doesnt mean i don’t get Stand Up For Science Shirt  ? best line .  Oh shit! I better tell my wife and all the girls before her I had sex with that I am in fact a virgin lol. As I commented on an earlier post whoever posted this has never been to a sci-fi/fantasy con …  I’m dead, but it’s OK. I’m being brought back to life with everyone else in the next movie. At least I hope I am. Disney hasn’t announced my solo movie yet….  Anthony Rankin Why do people over react when someone makes a joke about a political figure? Kathleen Mazurowski I did too. But that’s not what I was talking about. The comics are a way to escape. There’s always one that has to bring in politics where it’s not needed. Why do people bring politics in to something meant to be fun about a movie? Travis Dijiciriaimi Judging from your fake profile must be truly photogenic…Comrade. Hear me, and rejoice! You are about to witness America being great again at the hand of Thanos. Be thankful, for you meaningless liberals and your tears will contribute to the balance. Kyle Covill The fact that people think is okay to attack someone for one joke is what’s sad. Marvel and DC make political and social statements all the time.

Stand Up For Science Shirt

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Kathleen Mazurowski that’s why you don’t bring up politics ppl will just attack you. Wow! After Michelle Wolf’s Roasting and this very tame, innocent dig- it’s more than obvious that you folks are as thin skinned as they come. Suck it up, “snowflakes”! Amiright or ami-goddamn-right? Anthony Edge You really need to grow up. My joke is being liked by more people than not. I’m not the one going nuts over a Trump joke. Marvel made several political statements in this movie. Are you complaining to them too? Ah, Tomek–you’re not gonna be able to use the reality stone to make that cool shirt. A> you don’t have that level of power, and B> that’s a Jolly Rancher you’re holding. It’s because you’re one of the long lost avengers sir can’t see straight. Kathleen Mazurowski so predictable with your responses. “But marvel does it all the time” but marvel or DC didn’t bring politics into this thread. You did. Marvel’s political statement had nothing to do with this article. You interjected politics into a joking thread. Now stop with the straw man argument and stop with the politics unless it’s the topic’s subject.
Just stop. David Junior Is it in the DC universe where Trump is ending wars? Here he just threatens “Fire and fury.”  Kathleen Mazurowski you’re an idiot… Bringing politics into a marvel thread… Wow.. the more I think about it the stupider you become.  O.J. Vickers  ? One Trump joke, which most people are enjoying doesn’t make me an idiot.  ? Your completely over the top reaction to it says much about Stand Up For Science Shirt…and it isn’t good.  Nah Kathleen. It’s this universe. Wake up. It happened. Accept it. He is your cic and you should be grateful. My work computer says Thanos spared me, but my personal mobile phone says Thanos killed me for “the greater good”.

I’m so confused. I guess it means my personal life is dead, but I’ve been condemned to a lifetime of working hell. Damn Nerdist!
I’m so glad I already saw the movie. Y’all are not taking it easy on the Spoilers. Every single Facebook post implies spoilers. I died but at least I won’t have to see people whining about spoilers that aren’t actually spoilers (it doesn’t say who died; not to mention the SPOILER warning before or that you can choose to NOT READ the article). So at least I won’t have to roll my eyes at you anymore.  I cheated.

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