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Everyone on here must be a damn structural Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Tee or something. Second guessing the people building this like you all know better lol. I’m sure that none of the concerns anyone has had on this feed has ever crossed the minds of the laborers, contractors and engineers here but by all means please continue to tell us all why this won’t work. What would be the tallest and widest they can make them? I would guess you couldn’t use the truck for some so how would that happen? Good ideal if this size is what you would need. I know retaining walls in Chattanooga could use some of the side blocks. It’s interesting, but not exactly all that helpful for digging a tunnel, this is way more for man made tunnels like on a bike path or something. I would love to play with one of these for a few weeks. This looks like a solution is search of a problem, because you have to dig a trench first. Most tunnels go through something. This would be good for building bridge arches as long as you could shut off the water flow first. Obviously, how well this stands up as compared to other building methods, under typical as well as atypical conditions, is all important. 

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In NYC this includes drastic changes in temperature and humidity, the weight of several feet of snow that can be accompanied by a minor earthquake, in other places it includes tornados, hurricanes and/or floods. Will this method be stronger (and just as flexible) if an adhesive and/or outer layer was added? (BTW, in the 1984 movie “Electric Dreams” an architect envisions bricks shaped like jigsaw puzzle pieces.) innovative idea. as someone working in civil construction I can appreciate how quick this would work, it looks excellent. I’m just not sure where this application would be useful. box culverts for storm water and animal crossings already use modular precast units and are pretty cost effective. Also for this system it seems like you would need considerable preparation for the base.  Thats pretty great but I’m sure they use a adhesive to the Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Tee to make it stronger. Its all pressure people. They wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe.

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