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I wish he could show, up, on, raw so everyone can, be talking about the Rock the peoples champ that, would be best for Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Hoodie raw is, getting boaring again even though I like watching it it just gets, to boaring it use to, be, fun but not anymore. All these people who slag the rock off are the ones go and see all of is movies lol. The year was 2000 2001. I was a young happy hopeful kid. We had just walked a legit mile. Finally we reached the wwe Times Square store. Twinkles in my eye, I was ready to meet the great one. We walked in to find a wrinkled cardboard cut out. The store proceeded to tell myself and hundreds of others that he last minuet decided he couldn’t come due to filming the mummy. There wasn’t anything put out to let anyone know not to waste their time. I’ve been bitter ever since. I don’t care for him. Never will again since that day. The rock got his start because wrestling is fake,, it’s a scripted show,, so he learned how to act . You shouldn’t play that match,you must been retired one year earlier with the best match in your care. I could of seen taker placing a doll dressed in brocks clothes in the coffin and While Brock is like wait what? Taker appears behind him and tombstones. One more match handicap match at next WrestleMania…Taker vs. Reigns and Lesnar ..Taker beats both..gets revenge…retires. Hello undertaker im your big fan please return in hell in cell 2018 and defeat roman you are the new universal champion i am your big fan god undertaker. 

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I dunno about you guys but I think moving to WWE wasn’t a smart move for her. She definitely can fight but the scripted ones aren’t her main hobbies. Well Stephanie the ring is NOT yours its still daddy’s (Vince) and when he goes only half of it is yours the other half is Shanio Macs so get back into reality. Ronda Rousey I love you I love you I love you but please please get wrestling attire that works better for you you seem so distracted pulling on those black spandex shorts all the time I think it would be you a lot of good if you find something that works better for you and you won’t be distracted. It’s all about the money and getting ratings that’s why they brought Rhonda to wwe Rhonda was the best until she got beat twice her time is now over in the ufc but she did make history by being the first female to inducted to the ufc hall of fame but they should not let her come in to the wwe and take over and become wwe women’s Jonah Hill Farley & Sandler & Rock & Spade & Meadows Hoodie after all the other women have been there a lot longer!

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