FortNite Battle Royale Long Sleeve T Shirt

The guys who looks like aids itself talking about fortnite is aids.  Try landing in junk junction and making ur way to haunted ?? kill time and the circle gets smaller.  Keep calm and play realistic dont run like a hillbilly if you arent good enough yet i just finished 3rd. Calmness is the key to winning. If you make the top 20 without becoming Thanos, youre pretty much dead lol. We not salt , we just don’t stoop that Low to gain and keep up with whatever trend the society has to offer just to gain a mere number of players #fortnitedesperate#moviemashup. Next movie gonna come out will be captain marvel and ant man, can’t wait for those mashup too.  If you read up, Joe Russo contacted the company that makes Fortnite because he was a fan and asked.
They ain’t desperate either. Jack how is it desperate signing a mutual deal with the movie franchise that just broke box office records…?
They both negotiated this and it was initiated by the director.
Desperate would be using ‘we’ like you speak for the PUBG community in a desperate attempt to be.FortNite Battle Royale Shirt

Not salty why would we want something like this it wouldnt even make sense pubgs a military sim with acutal cover and more thinking in each fight fortnites just putting up walls non stop making 10 second fights 5 minutes of bullshit shotgun halo jumping gravity stones breaking cover no we don’t want that shit Brendan Greene knows what hes doing hes the creator of br games. Jack Huang what you meant to say is Fortnitejust continues to put out free content and give the people what they want (listens to their community) while Pubg just gave y’all a car update. Joey Limon except for that is what we want? I’m sorry props to fortnite for selling so well and everything but the game just isn’t fun to me. There is no diversity to the weapons other than the color of it which don’t seem to make a damn difference to me anytime I play, the map is small as hell so you end up going to the same places everytime, and there just isn’t the excitement pubg can give you. #notsalty#justnotafortnitefan also if they gave him a glove with all the Infiniti stones shouldn’t he be able to do more than what he can do without the glove? Seth you have absolutely no idea what fortniteis  ?
Epic range of weapons, bow and arrows, grenade launchers, rockets and all with different status (legendary, rare etc) which makes a huge difference.

Availabe here for both men and women styles: FortNite Battle Royale Shirt


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