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OMG, are you kidding me? Are we that sensitive? By the way isn’t it true that France sent all of those troops down there to collect a Deadpool Unicorn Shirt that Mexico owed them, so really it was Mexico punking out on a debt, I mean I may be wrong here. Daniel Schenstrom yes, but is more then that … it was more like extortion money that became like a debt. The French had not been defeated for ove 50 yrs had Mexico not defeated the French in Puebla on May 5, 1862, France would have gone to the aid of the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War and the United States’ destiny would have been different. German thank you for a very well said response without any bs comments want trying to be rude but it’s just something I had read some place before, but we ask know how written history goes. Now not to sing like a don’t trust you but do you have a reference I can read up more on that side of it? German Gutierrez Ill check it out but not that damn site, anyone can just fill in the blanks. I have an Army buddy that grew up and lives back in Mexico City Ill ask him if he cn pull some actually history archives. Jesus Garza the one thing I have learned Jesus is that never underestimate the underdogs, especially militia armies. They will apply unconvential tactics regular armies are not used to. If you are not Mexican you shouldn’t say “we” and the video is literally giving information about that shirt,
informing =sensitive? One I meant we as a people, meaning human beings. And informing it’s one thing but wearing a custom it’s another. Trust me my religion is poked fun of all the time and I can care less. But also look at the conversations above they are sensible don’t be the prick who comes here to try and start an argument. Mike I’m trying to change my thinking that not what liberals do cause they are really just like it’s. But it is what ignorant people do, and you know we have some as well.

Deadpool Unicorn ShirtCinco De mayo is not celebrated in Mexico!! So Enjoy America Its your holiday! Its confused with Mexicos Independence day Sept. 16Th.  Seriously not even Mexicans know why they celebrate it, it’s just another excuse to drink lol who cares like anyone can celebrate black, white, green it’s just a day. Love how this video skipped the fact that Mexico owed the French money. The French that came were here to collect the debt, but Mexico decided to just shoot them.

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Also mexicans in Mexico don’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it’s really mostly in the town of Puebla where the “battle” took place.

Defeat the Frenchs? didn’t they made it back and defeat mexico and made the president flee and then washington send soldiers to help mexico free themself?i think the french rule for about 3 years Mexico.

If by washington you mean president washington or washington DC. President washington was long dead when this happened and our govt. didn’t send any troops to help mexico out because we were in the middle of our civil war at the time this happened. Well it’s just celebrating that one battle that they won which was believed that they would lose but yes later on the french sent in more troops and took the capital.  Take a chill pill people. If people want to party, let ’em party. If they want to drink, eat, and wear certain things, let ’em. If you feel offended by any of that, remove yourself, and go somewhere that’s more comfortable to Deadpool Unicorn Shirt. Your sensitive feelings are your problem to deal with, you son’t get to dictate the behavior of others’ because of them. “Cinco de drinko” is right.

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