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I would add this if Go Heels was written as two words. There’s no hash tag in North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt, and my English teacher taught me well.  Nah, I’ll add it regardless. But it seems a university affiliated page would pay attention to things like this. So much better energy than the Cameron Crazies! GO TAR HEELS!!! Beat the Cavaliers! We play like we did last night, we will be unstoppable and cutting down the nets !! So does Carolina have a game tonight and what time. Disappointed Roy Williams-why do you not have your players respect the flag/national anthem with hand over heart instead of behind back ??? Can Roy please start isaiah hicks he’s a beast and meeks is one of the softest big men out their.  Yes ! Yes! Yes! ACC Regular season and tourney champs.. We deserve that North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt!! Go Heels!!! I have tried getting this frame from my laptop and phone. I have the latest version on my phone. Heels work together no one can stop them .but they need to click on all cylinders together. . Play hard and agressive. . Tarheels by 10 tonight. 84 to 74. Just as Carolina plays VA my cable drops out….. Thanks Time Warner Cable… You Suck ! North Carolina we must stick together and vote blue to save us all! I am sure you are all sick of the corruption and evil going on with the Republicans they are only for the rich and to hell with the rest of us.. I am so tired of this crazy train and it needs to stop… So please vote smart and make it blue,,, Thank you! Marine veterans Lamb and McCready, I salute you! Thank you for getting involved in politics in order to bring some sanity back to our government. Good luck, be truthful, don’t be a rubber stamp for any party. Do whats best for all people. Don’t be a racist, value our vetans and our freedoms. Go Lamb, my new Congressman! Must be voted in again November 6 for the new PA district!!!Blue all the way!! Vote Blue the U.S. will not survive 3 more years with a moron for president surrounded by an administration of greedy, selfish, republican’s. North Carolina vote blue get this corrupt government out of there. Praying for you Dan, stand by your seniors too, as the Republicans want to cut social security and Medicare and Medicaid!  Yup if you have any secrets you may as well blurt them right out because those moron republicans will try whatever they can to stop you. They pay people to dig stuff up then blow it out of proportion. Case in point , Al Franken.

This is the official design. Available for T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, tank top, long sleeve and v-neck t-shirt for men and women.
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from: Photoxtee.

North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt

Go get em. A new America is on the way. We need some honest, American loving people to bring us back to reality! Go North Carolina vote vote vote vote blue let’s go vote people vote vote vote vote blue.  That’s what we need some young people not always old farts in their ways. Cuse fan here. UNC was just better than us. The heels ability to rebound the ball is amazing. Thats the reason they won. Great game. Good luck in the ship. Thank you, You’re a class act. Great sportsmanship in the NCAA.  I hate that we had to go against a conference opponent and ended up taking each other out. Here’s to an all ACC final four for next year. Rebounds and scoring. Let’s not forget points. I didn’t even mention defense. Or as we call it down here “Fun”damentals. Even in defeat, Syracuse won. No one expected them to make it this far. They just ran into a superior opponent. Congrats UNC. Go Heels! That’s what my bracket says. But they got to bring there game. I am going to be mad if Villanova wins. Orange Nation has NOTHING to be ashamed of… They had a TREMENDOUS season! They simply ran into a better team with too much heigh, length and athletic ability! Let’s hop we get a greatly beautiful shirt…GO HEELS!  Is that taught to officers? To choke someone? I’d really like an explanation on this officers training.

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