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My homie and buddy Post is going hard like heck right now. Big ups to him for doin the dang thang. All of these records are going to be crushed very badly by  ?, just wait & watch. Lmao! Now they always say Congratulations!
My favorite artist today, along with Kendrick.  True.. All the songs sound exactly the same. Im a fan of Post and i expected better, got disappointed. Platnum is a ‘happy meal’ toy these days…but its good hiphop makes a lot of poor families rich. Seems like going platinum on an album isnt that special anymore. Nowadays any generic shitty álbum goes platinum. Great album……

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And so weird that his previous album “stoney” is still charting #12 in the Billboards and selling an average 30k units weekly …..
Now hel have 2 albums in there.
Nice one. Whoever is promoting him is doing a wonderful job that album came out 2 years ago.  Post malone is better than every rapper
He has a formula for hits

Anyway “nice for what” is boring.  It is not easy to write a hit. If it was everybody in music would be getting paid.  An album not worthy of breaking J Cole’s record on Spotify or getting platinum certification at all. J Cole told us 3 days in advance about his album  ? This vulture had songs out since the beginning of the year/end of last year and he still put them on this album. Dk whats wrong with yall niggas.. when posty starts rapping.. yall call him a culture vulture.. when he does something different yall say he is wack… yall guys a just a bunch of racist… post malone is dope. Bren Woolford they count as sales towards the album ..just look at Cardi b going gold upon release cause of Bodak Yellow. René Dushime just cause I’m not black that don’t mean I don’t get hip hop / rap culture. René Dushime he’s a vulture bro just like A$AP Rocky is  ??‍♂️ color don’t mean nothing when you vulture. Henry Flores he isn’t that great but he good… just stating facts that he ain’t need no singles out to boost sales . Post Malone is talented dude, he not only raps, he sings, he plays guitar and makes some of his own beats. But cole is better ? ? ?gtfoh, the people have spoken. Ppl love this rap/singing type shit! It sucks but today’s hip hop fans don’t care about substance unless it’s a drug. Post Malone said “If u want lyrics, don’t go to Hip-Hop”. Idgaf what record he breaks, that shit is  ? ? ? ?. What’s hip hop without bars ???  Jonta Bailey Naw we quick to call shit that’s trash trash fam. I like quite a few new rappers. Just not the trash ones.  So you think what he’s saying in his songs are better than what Cole saying in his? Queency Phan all cole did was copy what bones did on takingoutthetrash last year. Dudes burnt up trash. Shit I could probably break the record. Nowadays you don’t have to be that talented. Just wait SCORPION is coming….ha ha ha ha (evil laugh). He makes …ehh heehh music not oh shit that knocks music … so the reason to his success is simple …caucasian media thinking his music is that good just cuz it a white guy doing some type of hip-hop let’s be honest here. It’s a glaring fucking fact . You just stupidily focused on me saying “caucasian”. So u got offend U little baby back bitch…didnt say anything negative but clearly u don’t know to think for urself ..your first thought “making it a race thing”STFU. Huh? His album was great if you try to tell me different you have a biased opinion. I listened to it at least five times front to back since release and you can not tell me that album doesn’t knock and have a straight face. I’m not even talking about race, idk what you think about him in terms of that all I’m saying is you don’t actually think that album isn’t at least good, do you?

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