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He’d rather build a wall. And besides, he doesn’t listen, let alone believe, scientists or Three Donald Trump Moon shirt. The US has The best rockets – perhaps Trump should go too? All the other presidents failed to go – total losers. He would draw so big crowds to see him off that it would be ridiculous. But he will not go. Suggestion: Please, stop attempting to imbue Trump with positives and potential. He is a regressive threat and should be treated as such. Can we just send Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to the moon instead? That’d be great. It would be awesome to have a first president in office take a trip into outer space. That has not been done before! He will just plagiarize the film and pictures from the original moon landing and then say he did it.

Three Donald Trump Moon Guys shirt

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Three Donald Trump Moon shirt.  He would only want to build a base on the moon and name it trump moon tower. It would be the best moon base it would be huge all the moon people would love it. That’s exactly what I want I picture of a fish pissing In my beer! I like the cans but not a fan of the beer. It’s not awful but craft beer is where it’s at. Where are the brown and rainbow trout oh maybe only in Michigan streams? Found the winning fluorescent orange can turkeys on it last season in a regular box that wasn’t camouflage or orange and had a winning can in it

Atlanta Falcons – Love shirt

Y’all was so worried about him and Atlanta Falcons – Love shirt and Julio wasn’t going anywhere. My was getting his mind right for this season. He straight! Good to see Julio there. He’ll be ready game 1 no doubt about it. And the Falcons are gonna win the Super Bowl at home this season. Julio is coming out this year to prove a point he’s one of the best in the game.

Atlanta Falcons Love Shirt

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Atlanta Falcons – Love shirt.  And yes the Falcons will have him ready here soon. I know I’m fixing to piss some folks off and get cussed out good, but sometimes I gotta let the comedian in me go, so is that Julio in there or predator? The Falcons are going to be sorry they didn’t sign Julio prior to this season as I predict he we break all kinds of records and they will have to pay him more next season. Class act all around in supporting Julio, the teams’ goals and the fans expectations. No bad guys here in all of this but lawyers and agents.

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Badman shirt

Shit do one of the things he does let me record it you be like Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Badman shirt. Once there was a baby girl named Marry. Her mother couldn’t take all the crying, so she decided it was time for her to go. She buried her baby alive in her backyard. After she buried her she could still hear Marry crying. So she dug her back up and stabbed her one time in the arm, and buried her again.

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Badman Shirt

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Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Badman shirt.  I probably find this so much funnier than I should. Anywhere its part of sports. Badman will come back more strong again. Asian girls who are never allowed out of the house like some Guantanamo prisoner! Tag your friends who are never allowed out! Never before seen footage of the mating rituals of a peculiar species of Caribbean bird.

Pretty Deadly Fish Love shirt

Caught a pretty deadly fish a couple weeks back out of the Pretty Deadly Fish Love shirt. Thought it was that new fish that is reading through the South Saskatchewan River that’s all over CTV news, known as a Prussian Carp. But talk to the DNR today and the one I caught, though it looks similar it’s known as a Quillback. That’s amazing. This seems so similar to the Mexican day of the dead. Even the faces are similar. You can speed up the process if you use piranha fish instead, just a thought.

Pretty Deadly Fish Love Shirt

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Pretty Deadly Fish Love shirt.  I hear the health and beauty benefits of, whole body” piranha baths are outstanding, I think it’s going to catch on. I’d like to dip my balls in there and have the fish snack on them for a while. Wouldn’t it be funny if the same infection that made that women’s nails fall off made your balls fall off too? Every summer, the sleepy fishing village of Himeshima welcomes the dead home.

Seattle Mariners The Sandlot shirt

Oh, you didn’t know we’re showing The Sandlot post game this Sunday? I need this Seattle Mariners The Sandlot shirt. You’re killin’ me, smalls. First time taking the kids to a movie game. Should we bring a blanket to sit on, or how does this work? If I already have tickets to Sunday’s game is there a way to buy the shirt separate? Or change my tickets for these tickets? It doesn’t seem like they want you to know the answer for some reason. A friend and I went to see The Lego Movie a few years ago after a game and I couldn’t understand the dialogue very well.

Seattle Mariners The Sandlot Shirt

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Seattle Mariners The Sandlot shirt.  The sound system is one of the best around. I’ve been to a number of events at Safeco and have never found it difficult to hear. You should know what they’re saying if you’ve seen the movie as much as a fan has! Hope to see you this Sunday (5/27) for a Sandlot Ticket Special celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the film, The Sandlot!

Speed is Relative shirt

Every single song is a banger! I love Speed is Relative shirt! See it coming across. Never heard it though. I’m gonna check it asap. “Best punk rock album”? Wow seems pretty impossible, but I hope so. Beginning of Show Me was my ringtone for years, love that song but they are all great! I love that these guys let the bass fucking fly compensate for lack of a lead guitar. Sets them apart from just about any other 3 pieces. Rami Krayem says they could possibly start work on a new album if they can find the time. It’s perfect from start to finish!

Speed Is Relative Shirt

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Speed is Relative shirt.  I love Long Run but it’s like picking a favorite child. I often wonder what George Carlin would have to say about the modern driver. I want a bumper sticker that says: “Drive like you wish the person in front of you would.” as long as they are not in the passing lane, going slower than me is fine and dandy.

Trump Baby balloon – Protest – England shirt

The Donald Trump baby blimp has taken to the sky above Westminster to kick off a day of protests aimed at the Trump Baby balloon – Protest – England shirt. What a waste of money, who gives a toss, as kids are getting knifed to death all over London time people got their priorities right. Very very disrespectful and childish. I would never think of disrespecting the Queen like that.

Trump Baby Balloon Protest England Shirt

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Trump Baby balloon – Protest – England shirt.  Makes one ashamed to be English such bad manners one good reason to only allow an English man to be mayor of our capital city. More important issues to think about, children being killed on London street’s no one doing anything. It seems to be an effective form of protest: Trump admitted to not feeling welcome in London. Of course, it’s insulting that’s why it’s necessary. Extreme times, extreme measures!

 I googled my symptoms turns out I just need more tractors shirt

So I googled my I googled my symptoms turns out I just need more tractors shirt and I have sinusitis, a sinus infection, I know it has to be it cause where my sinus is it’s so sore like an access tooth but I have no top teeth so can’t be but it says that it is a symptom. I’m going to my son’s graduation tomorrow mad,sick, or not im not gonna miss it for anything I didn’t wait all these years to miss it. I’m sure it’s gonna be loud and my head will be hurting but I’m gonna go to bed fast after and get antibiotics so I will be okay.


I googled my symptoms turns out I just need more tractors Ladies tee

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I was not feeling well, so I googled my I googled my symptoms turns out I just need more tractors shirt and it turns out I just need to go to the beach and relax with a rum punch. I have pain on the right side of my chest and neck when I deep breath or cough! I googled my symptoms and it kinda scared me. I also had no appetite and had begun to feel nauseous. Thank you to those of you that have been praying. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

Snoopy and Charlie always with you shirt

Snoopy and Charlie Brown always good to Snoopy and Charlie always with you shirt. Keep sharing! For those Born in the 1980s, Charlie Brown and His Doggy Companion Snoopy are a Must Catch! If you adopt me, you will get up every day with a smile on your face because you know, whatever happens, I’m here to make you feel better. I will be with you through thick and thin. In return, a hug, a cuddle, a back scratch and walking with you on the wild side is all I need.

Snoopy And Charlie Always With You Shirt

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Snoopy and Charlie always with you shirt.  Snoopy you are adorable! Wishing you a wonderful and loving forever home! Wishing you to see a good one soon Snoopy. Join Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang for fun games and activities at the Camp Snoopy Theatre this summer. We will be there this entire weekend! Let the kids grow and nurture whatever their interests are and let them discover their talents themselves.

Lebron Lonzo 2019 make L.A. great again shirt

LeBron and Lonzo were discussing their plans to join forces in Lebron Lonzo 2019 make L.A. great again shirt! True Laker fans do not want LeBron to come!! Rather see Kawi, George or let the young squad grow! The cap profile pic really finishes off a hilarious facebook profile and comment. Grats my man. Bobby will have the fans of the lakers rejoice. Sure you give up a possible future quality player. But all the baggage if his no game blowhard father leaves as well. Peace is restored. Bobby Bando 10 pts on a team without scorers.

Lebron Lonzo 2019 Make L.a. Great Again Shirt

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Lebron Lonzo 2019 make L.A. great again shirt.  Every rookie averaged 10. Lindo ball comes a dime a Lebron Lonzo 2019 make L.A. great again shirt. Mitchell is already better than your buddy Alonzo ball. Go buy some BBB shoes and watch more basketball. They’re not winning a ship with Lonzo. With Bron it’s almost automatic they have a chance. It’s a no-brainer. No worries the laker’s are no more likely to trade Lonzo anymore than the warriors are to trade curry. Eric Burgz Read the comment before mine. He edited it because he knew he made my point.