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I’m sure you have already noticed that during last night, many photographers, astronomers and everyone else from all over the world were on a frenzy over the big rare special moon! Its been ages since. I’ve captured a good old astro photo, so last night I decided to “join the herd” & this is my take of this once in a lifetime moon over Ireland. This full “Super Blue Moon” may look like any other full moon and I agree it does but surprisingly it is the first time in 150 years that this has happened! It is called the Jean Ralphio The Wooorst Three Jean Moon Shirt not because of the colour but simply on the fact that it is the second full moon in a month. ‘Super Moon’ refers to the moon being as close to earth as its been in many years which makes the Jean Ralphio The Wooorst Three Jean Moon Shirt 7% larger & 15% brighter. Considering it’s already 250,000 miles away, every inch closer is welcomed by photographers.


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The only reason pokimane is in there because she’s Thicc that’s why epic added her.Brando Salazar because it takes time for the slurp to fill the health all the way up. He said she used the med-kit right after she drank it so the med-kit would have worked before the slurp filled it all the way. But why use the kit if your going to be at 100 health anyway.oping Myth to beat Ninja so sick of hearing ninja. He chokes at every event he plays.
Casual he’s beast, but put some stakes and he chokes.
Ninja con, choke
Tournament 2 weeks ago with nadeshot… choke.MYTH does have a freezing or choking problem during live events wether its just coincidental or not doesn’t matter it happenes every event somehow, just look at the Ninja Vegas 18… I’m not hating because he is really good but its just what happenes. Logan Antle Just imagine how Mark would react to somehow winning a HUGE Fortnite event against Ninja and TSM Myth.Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of myth… he just don’t play well under pressure.Fortnite Just Play It T ShirtHonestly I think its because Myth is more of a casual player at Heart and just likes to try things that don’t always end well, but no one can deny that he is extreamly skilled and has taken multiple one in a million chances and come out the winner.inja is just more consistent and has figured out a few secret tricks that he doesn’t tell others like his key binds.Myth does build EXTREMELY fast, but sometimes I think he gets a little over himself and messes up from time to time.You people didn’t even know who Ninja was or what Twitch was before Fortnite? a former toxic halo pro who averaged 15,000 viewers known for his over the top rants about how everything isn’t his fault.Dalton Calandrino wins, kills and game play speak for itself, let’s see you drop 39 in one game you noob.Sage Wendt who said he wasn’t in?? if he is he need to be on this flyer or whatever you call it cause he damn sure out played ninja so yeah.I’m assuming this is just the top streamers that are featured. I’d be surprised if Daequan wasn’t there.When did Poki get good enough to compete with the likes of Ninja and Myth if I may ask? (No, I’m not hating, I just don’t think she’s that good YET).Its cause she a pro gamer that’s all they were looking for and since people watch her on fortnite shes in but yeah I agree she needs work on fortnite.Brent Williams well I thought it was obvious its pro gamers paired with famous ppl…yet u just compared a pro to a rapper.

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Also Finn is no longer running away but has accepted his role as a hero, Poe learned how to be a better leader which they showed when he called back the speeders at the end in comparison to the bombing of the dreadnought, Rey has definitively chosen the light side after having some obvious turmoil about it. Also there are no true Jedibefore.
Aaron Haleen I didn’t say he had a backstory. I said he had more development. In his first movie alone he went from being banished to a general. Then in his 2nd movie we see he’s a representative in the senate and the core reason how the chancellor got so much power. Development. or Sith left just force users following the light and the dark. But no no everything is the same as.

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My homie and buddy Post is going hard like heck right now. Big ups to him for doin the dang thang. All of these records are going to be crushed very badly by  ?, just wait & watch. Lmao! Now they always say Congratulations!
My favorite artist today, along with Kendrick.  True.. All the songs sound exactly the same. Im a fan of Post and i expected better, got disappointed. Platnum is a ‘happy meal’ toy these days…but its good hiphop makes a lot of poor families rich. Seems like going platinum on an album isnt that special anymore. Nowadays any generic shitty álbum goes platinum. Great album……

Beerbongs And Bentleys Shirt

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And so weird that his previous album “stoney” is still charting #12 in the Billboards and selling an average 30k units weekly …..
Now hel have 2 albums in there.
Nice one. Whoever is promoting him is doing a wonderful job that album came out 2 years ago.  Post malone is better than every rapper
He has a formula for hits

Anyway “nice for what” is boring.  It is not easy to write a hit. If it was everybody in music would be getting paid.  An album not worthy of breaking J Cole’s record on Spotify or getting platinum certification at all. J Cole told us 3 days in advance about his album  ? This vulture had songs out since the beginning of the year/end of last year and he still put them on this album. Dk whats wrong with yall niggas.. when posty starts rapping.. yall call him a culture vulture.. when he does something different yall say he is wack… yall guys a just a bunch of racist… post malone is dope. Bren Woolford they count as sales towards the album ..just look at Cardi b going gold upon release cause of Bodak Yellow. René Dushime just cause I’m not black that don’t mean I don’t get hip hop / rap culture. René Dushime he’s a vulture bro just like A$AP Rocky is  ??‍♂️ color don’t mean nothing when you vulture. Henry Flores he isn’t that great but he good… just stating facts that he ain’t need no singles out to boost sales . Post Malone is talented dude, he not only raps, he sings, he plays guitar and makes some of his own beats. But cole is better ? ? ?gtfoh, the people have spoken. Ppl love this rap/singing type shit! It sucks but today’s hip hop fans don’t care about substance unless it’s a drug. Post Malone said “If u want lyrics, don’t go to Hip-Hop”. Idgaf what record he breaks, that shit is  ? ? ? ?. What’s hip hop without bars ???  Jonta Bailey Naw we quick to call shit that’s trash trash fam. I like quite a few new rappers. Just not the trash ones.  So you think what he’s saying in his songs are better than what Cole saying in his? Queency Phan all cole did was copy what bones did on takingoutthetrash last year. Dudes burnt up trash. Shit I could probably break the record. Nowadays you don’t have to be that talented. Just wait SCORPION is coming….ha ha ha ha (evil laugh). He makes …ehh heehh music not oh shit that knocks music … so the reason to his success is simple …caucasian media thinking his music is that good just cuz it a white guy doing some type of hip-hop let’s be honest here. It’s a glaring fucking fact . You just stupidily focused on me saying “caucasian”. So u got offend U little baby back bitch…didnt say anything negative but clearly u don’t know to think for urself ..your first thought “making it a race thing”STFU. Huh? His album was great if you try to tell me different you have a biased opinion. I listened to it at least five times front to back since release and you can not tell me that album doesn’t knock and have a straight face. I’m not even talking about race, idk what you think about him in terms of that all I’m saying is you don’t actually think that album isn’t at least good, do you?

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The guys who looks like aids itself talking about fortnite is aids.  Try landing in junk junction and making ur way to haunted ?? kill time and the circle gets smaller.  Keep calm and play realistic dont run like a hillbilly if you arent good enough yet i just finished 3rd. Calmness is the key to winning. If you make the top 20 without becoming Thanos, youre pretty much dead lol. We not salt , we just don’t stoop that Low to gain and keep up with whatever trend the society has to offer just to gain a mere number of players #fortnitedesperate#moviemashup. Next movie gonna come out will be captain marvel and ant man, can’t wait for those mashup too.  If you read up, Joe Russo contacted the company that makes Fortnite because he was a fan and asked.
They ain’t desperate either. Jack how is it desperate signing a mutual deal with the movie franchise that just broke box office records…?
They both negotiated this and it was initiated by the director.
Desperate would be using ‘we’ like you speak for the PUBG community in a desperate attempt to be.FortNite Battle Royale Shirt

Not salty why would we want something like this it wouldnt even make sense pubgs a military sim with acutal cover and more thinking in each fight fortnites just putting up walls non stop making 10 second fights 5 minutes of bullshit shotgun halo jumping gravity stones breaking cover no we don’t want that shit Brendan Greene knows what hes doing hes the creator of br games. Jack Huang what you meant to say is Fortnitejust continues to put out free content and give the people what they want (listens to their community) while Pubg just gave y’all a car update. Joey Limon except for that is what we want? I’m sorry props to fortnite for selling so well and everything but the game just isn’t fun to me. There is no diversity to the weapons other than the color of it which don’t seem to make a damn difference to me anytime I play, the map is small as hell so you end up going to the same places everytime, and there just isn’t the excitement pubg can give you. #notsalty#justnotafortnitefan also if they gave him a glove with all the Infiniti stones shouldn’t he be able to do more than what he can do without the glove? Seth you have absolutely no idea what fortniteis  ?
Epic range of weapons, bow and arrows, grenade launchers, rockets and all with different status (legendary, rare etc) which makes a huge difference.

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I would add this if Go Heels was written as two words. There’s no hash tag in North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt, and my English teacher taught me well.  Nah, I’ll add it regardless. But it seems a university affiliated page would pay attention to things like this. So much better energy than the Cameron Crazies! GO TAR HEELS!!! Beat the Cavaliers! We play like we did last night, we will be unstoppable and cutting down the nets !! So does Carolina have a game tonight and what time. Disappointed Roy Williams-why do you not have your players respect the flag/national anthem with hand over heart instead of behind back ??? Can Roy please start isaiah hicks he’s a beast and meeks is one of the softest big men out their.  Yes ! Yes! Yes! ACC Regular season and tourney champs.. We deserve that North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt!! Go Heels!!! I have tried getting this frame from my laptop and phone. I have the latest version on my phone. Heels work together no one can stop them .but they need to click on all cylinders together. . Play hard and agressive. . Tarheels by 10 tonight. 84 to 74. Just as Carolina plays VA my cable drops out….. Thanks Time Warner Cable… You Suck ! North Carolina we must stick together and vote blue to save us all! I am sure you are all sick of the corruption and evil going on with the Republicans they are only for the rich and to hell with the rest of us.. I am so tired of this crazy train and it needs to stop… So please vote smart and make it blue,,, Thank you! Marine veterans Lamb and McCready, I salute you! Thank you for getting involved in politics in order to bring some sanity back to our government. Good luck, be truthful, don’t be a rubber stamp for any party. Do whats best for all people. Don’t be a racist, value our vetans and our freedoms. Go Lamb, my new Congressman! Must be voted in again November 6 for the new PA district!!!Blue all the way!! Vote Blue the U.S. will not survive 3 more years with a moron for president surrounded by an administration of greedy, selfish, republican’s. North Carolina vote blue get this corrupt government out of there. Praying for you Dan, stand by your seniors too, as the Republicans want to cut social security and Medicare and Medicaid!  Yup if you have any secrets you may as well blurt them right out because those moron republicans will try whatever they can to stop you. They pay people to dig stuff up then blow it out of proportion. Case in point , Al Franken.

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North Carolina ED the Educators strike back war RedForEd Shirt

Go get em. A new America is on the way. We need some honest, American loving people to bring us back to reality! Go North Carolina vote vote vote vote blue let’s go vote people vote vote vote vote blue.  That’s what we need some young people not always old farts in their ways. Cuse fan here. UNC was just better than us. The heels ability to rebound the ball is amazing. Thats the reason they won. Great game. Good luck in the ship. Thank you, You’re a class act. Great sportsmanship in the NCAA.  I hate that we had to go against a conference opponent and ended up taking each other out. Here’s to an all ACC final four for next year. Rebounds and scoring. Let’s not forget points. I didn’t even mention defense. Or as we call it down here “Fun”damentals. Even in defeat, Syracuse won. No one expected them to make it this far. They just ran into a superior opponent. Congrats UNC. Go Heels! That’s what my bracket says. But they got to bring there game. I am going to be mad if Villanova wins. Orange Nation has NOTHING to be ashamed of… They had a TREMENDOUS season! They simply ran into a better team with too much heigh, length and athletic ability! Let’s hop we get a greatly beautiful shirt…GO HEELS!  Is that taught to officers? To choke someone? I’d really like an explanation on this officers training.

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Americans helped Mexico get rid of the French by the end of the intervention , if anything the US flag should be worn with pride on cinco de mayo. Hey guys I guess you all are suffering from short term memory loss this DID happen in a CA high school not too long ago some white teenagers wore American flag tshirts which angered some Mexican students celebrating cinco de mayo & the white kids were sent the principals office & then home to avoid another confrontation. The incident happened in 2010 at live oak HS in morgan hill CA and since that time the ninth circuit court ruled in 2014 that teenager can NOT wear an American flag tshirt on Cinco de mayo as it will aggravate Mexicans “on their holiday”.

Thanos Was Right Shirt, Hoodie, Tank Top And SweaterRandall thats exaggerated. ..theirs plenty of white uppity towns Westwood Bel Aire Newport for the most part Mexicans are well integrated with the White people Pasadena Whittier Glendora San Dimas La Verne Burbank ….cmon down, have a cold one doesnt have to be Corona either we can do Belgian. Oh Jorgie get over it there st paddys day black history month chinese new yr lighten up so stuffy enjoy the fresh air its a good day bottems up an shugalugg. Steven when your daughter grows up she might be witha zesty Mexican so pump your brakes chillax take a chill pill theirs plenty of other things to worry about. And I’m pretty sure on any one of those holidays you just mentioned I can wear an American flag tshirt without fear of reprisal… It’s stupid I’ll tell you why. I was born and raised in Mexico and Cinco de Mayo it’s not a holiday we do not celebrate it nor do we make a festivity out of it so it’s pointless that they do not let anyone wear American flags shirts since it’s not an important holiday (it is NOT a holiday). Michael Garcia you need to concentrate more on being just an American rather than a Hispanic Texan’.  Not true, cant wear a shirt with an american flag in califas! Never heard of that for any holiday. Ignacio Zaragoza was a good man (The General in Charge of Mexican troops at the Battle of Puebla). He was a hero who loved his country more than himself. He died of Typhoid Fever not long after the battle. He was known for being just and upright and not a man driven by corruption. If he had lived it is likely France would not have conquered or would have had a much harder time conquering Mexico.

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OMG, are you kidding me? Are we that sensitive? By the way isn’t it true that France sent all of those troops down there to collect a Deadpool Unicorn Shirt that Mexico owed them, so really it was Mexico punking out on a debt, I mean I may be wrong here. Daniel Schenstrom yes, but is more then that … it was more like extortion money that became like a debt. The French had not been defeated for ove 50 yrs had Mexico not defeated the French in Puebla on May 5, 1862, France would have gone to the aid of the Confederacy in the U.S. Civil War and the United States’ destiny would have been different. German thank you for a very well said response without any bs comments want trying to be rude but it’s just something I had read some place before, but we ask know how written history goes. Now not to sing like a don’t trust you but do you have a reference I can read up more on that side of it? German Gutierrez Ill check it out but not that damn site, anyone can just fill in the blanks. I have an Army buddy that grew up and lives back in Mexico City Ill ask him if he cn pull some actually history archives. Jesus Garza the one thing I have learned Jesus is that never underestimate the underdogs, especially militia armies. They will apply unconvential tactics regular armies are not used to. If you are not Mexican you shouldn’t say “we” and the video is literally giving information about that shirt,
informing =sensitive? One I meant we as a people, meaning human beings. And informing it’s one thing but wearing a custom it’s another. Trust me my religion is poked fun of all the time and I can care less. But also look at the conversations above they are sensible don’t be the prick who comes here to try and start an argument. Mike I’m trying to change my thinking that not what liberals do cause they are really just like it’s. But it is what ignorant people do, and you know we have some as well.

Deadpool Unicorn ShirtCinco De mayo is not celebrated in Mexico!! So Enjoy America Its your holiday! Its confused with Mexicos Independence day Sept. 16Th.  Seriously not even Mexicans know why they celebrate it, it’s just another excuse to drink lol who cares like anyone can celebrate black, white, green it’s just a day. Love how this video skipped the fact that Mexico owed the French money. The French that came were here to collect the debt, but Mexico decided to just shoot them.

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Also mexicans in Mexico don’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo, it’s really mostly in the town of Puebla where the “battle” took place.

Defeat the Frenchs? didn’t they made it back and defeat mexico and made the president flee and then washington send soldiers to help mexico free themself?i think the french rule for about 3 years Mexico.

If by washington you mean president washington or washington DC. President washington was long dead when this happened and our govt. didn’t send any troops to help mexico out because we were in the middle of our civil war at the time this happened. Well it’s just celebrating that one battle that they won which was believed that they would lose but yes later on the french sent in more troops and took the capital.  Take a chill pill people. If people want to party, let ’em party. If they want to drink, eat, and wear certain things, let ’em. If you feel offended by any of that, remove yourself, and go somewhere that’s more comfortable to Deadpool Unicorn Shirt. Your sensitive feelings are your problem to deal with, you son’t get to dictate the behavior of others’ because of them. “Cinco de drinko” is right.

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Jurassic World The Raptor King shirt

My almost senior daughter and I discussed her dreams of culinary school and owning her own bakery/sandwich shop. I love listening to her and then she made my Nana’s thumbprint cookies.  I cuddled my four year old on my lap until she calmed down. Also made plans with my 20 year old to catch a movie together tomorrow night. Laughed with the 14 & 11 year old about “the family secret” (Mom doesn’t really like beans even though I’ve been serving them consistently all these years). The 8 year old confided her nightmare to me and I made her laugh about it.

Jurassic World The Raptor King shirt, hoodie, tank top and sweater

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“”May the 4th be with you”. – Virgins.” – poor soul that still thinks he’s cool for trying to pick on Star Wars fans. Its not may the 5th, its not may the 3rd. Its may the 4th. May the force be with u.
Yeah yeah this face doesnt mean i don’t get Stand Up For Science Shirt  ? best line .  Oh shit! I better tell my wife and all the girls before her I had sex with that I am in fact a virgin lol. As I commented on an earlier post whoever posted this has never been to a sci-fi/fantasy con …  I’m dead, but it’s OK. I’m being brought back to life with everyone else in the next movie. At least I hope I am. Disney hasn’t announced my solo movie yet….  Anthony Rankin Why do people over react when someone makes a joke about a political figure? Kathleen Mazurowski I did too. But that’s not what I was talking about. The comics are a way to escape. There’s always one that has to bring in politics where it’s not needed. Why do people bring politics in to something meant to be fun about a movie? Travis Dijiciriaimi Judging from your fake profile must be truly photogenic…Comrade. Hear me, and rejoice! You are about to witness America being great again at the hand of Thanos. Be thankful, for you meaningless liberals and your tears will contribute to the balance. Kyle Covill The fact that people think is okay to attack someone for one joke is what’s sad. Marvel and DC make political and social statements all the time.

Stand Up For Science Shirt

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Kathleen Mazurowski that’s why you don’t bring up politics ppl will just attack you. Wow! After Michelle Wolf’s Roasting and this very tame, innocent dig- it’s more than obvious that you folks are as thin skinned as they come. Suck it up, “snowflakes”! Amiright or ami-goddamn-right? Anthony Edge You really need to grow up. My joke is being liked by more people than not. I’m not the one going nuts over a Trump joke. Marvel made several political statements in this movie. Are you complaining to them too? Ah, Tomek–you’re not gonna be able to use the reality stone to make that cool shirt. A> you don’t have that level of power, and B> that’s a Jolly Rancher you’re holding. It’s because you’re one of the long lost avengers sir can’t see straight. Kathleen Mazurowski so predictable with your responses. “But marvel does it all the time” but marvel or DC didn’t bring politics into this thread. You did. Marvel’s political statement had nothing to do with this article. You interjected politics into a joking thread. Now stop with the straw man argument and stop with the politics unless it’s the topic’s subject.
Just stop. David Junior Is it in the DC universe where Trump is ending wars? Here he just threatens “Fire and fury.”  Kathleen Mazurowski you’re an idiot… Bringing politics into a marvel thread… Wow.. the more I think about it the stupider you become.  O.J. Vickers  ? One Trump joke, which most people are enjoying doesn’t make me an idiot.  ? Your completely over the top reaction to it says much about Stand Up For Science Shirt…and it isn’t good.  Nah Kathleen. It’s this universe. Wake up. It happened. Accept it. He is your cic and you should be grateful. My work computer says Thanos spared me, but my personal mobile phone says Thanos killed me for “the greater good”.

I’m so confused. I guess it means my personal life is dead, but I’ve been condemned to a lifetime of working hell. Damn Nerdist!
I’m so glad I already saw the movie. Y’all are not taking it easy on the Spoilers. Every single Facebook post implies spoilers. I died but at least I won’t have to see people whining about spoilers that aren’t actually spoilers (it doesn’t say who died; not to mention the SPOILER warning before or that you can choose to NOT READ the article). So at least I won’t have to roll my eyes at you anymore.  I cheated.

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