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It does not matter if it is an alternative school!!That is ALL the more reason to TEACH and engage the minds of students.So the kid dropped out?WHY did he come back?His points are valid.Teach,not sit on your butt and hand out papers.Most people wont have your back in this situation. They are either to scared or don’t care to learn.I was a bad little kid when I was in high school so the repercussions wouldn’t have phased me. Despite being in constant trouble I would have had his back.Rocko, no offense but it looks to me that you need a remedial english class. Grammar isn’t one of your strong suits.Carol you are wrong – they are given the textbooks to teach it is up to them to do the teaching not just sit at their desk and hand out packets to keep kids quiet. teacher should be fired for not actually teaching the class. didn’t even have the guts to listen to what the kid was saying to her.

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Tom Brady King Of The North V-neck T-Shirt

Spend a weekend in lovely Boston with BMORE Around Town when the Ravens travel north to face Tom Brady and the Patriots! Our trip includes flight, airport transfers, hotel accommodations, game tickets, tailgate, pep rally, T shirt, coozie, and more! Fuck Tom Brady.

Tom Brady King Of The North V-neck T-Shirt

Tom Brady King Of The North Ladies Shirt
Tom Brady King Of The North Ladies V-neck Shirt

With all thats wrong with the world, is that really what everyone was worried about? Fuckin shirts. There are children being cut in half with chainsaws in the middle east and right here in the good U.S of A, children in Flint Michigan dying of lead poisoning going on damn near 2 years now. North Korea threatening nuclear war and everyone is worried about some filthy rich guy’s missing shirts?

I seen this before. It’s to bad none of the class had his back. To immature to understand what he was doing.They all are afraid of the retaliation that would certainly meet them, if they supported this kid. This liberals in this country are in the process of stamping out any, and all counter thought. Until we change that thought process things will not change, and probably only worsen. This was all a set up by this boy who dropped out and came back and was given packettes because he was in an alternative school where everyone in the classroom is at a different level.

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